PyQt is available under the following licenses.

PyQt, unlike Qt, is not available under the LGPL.

If you use the GPL version of PyQt then any code you develop with it must be distributed under a compatable license. Like the GPL version of Qt, PyQt grants an exception to the GPL that specifies the list of licenses that you may use. The full text of the exception can be found in the PyQt source package.

If you are unable to distribute your code under the terms of the GPL then you must purchase a commercial license.

Please contact if you would like a copy of the PyQt Commercial License.

PyQt Embedded License

The terms of the PyQt Commercial License mean that any user of an application that has access to the copy of PyQt included with the application is considered to be a PyQt developer and therefore needs their own commercial license. However, many applications allow the user to add functionality to the application using PyQt and an embedded Python interpreter. The PyQt Embedded License is available for this particular situation.

The exact terms of the license depend on the particular application. The charging model is based on a percentage of the income that the application generates for the licensee subject to a minimum annual charge.

Please contact if you would like to discuss using the PyQt Embedded License with your application.

Compatibility with Qt Licenses

The GPL version of PyQt can be used with both the LGPL and GPL versions of Qt.

The commercial version of PyQt can be used with both the commercial and LGPL versions of Qt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you license PyQt under the LGPL?

Riverbank is a product based software development company that depends on sales to fund PyQt's continued development. An LGPL version of PyQt, while probably increasing the number of users, would result in a reduction in income and therefore our ability to fund future development.

We do not rule out the possibility of an LGPL version of PyQt in the future but, given the difficulty in reversing such a change, it is something we would approach with caution.

I have a GPL application and I'd like to sell a commercial version of it, can I?

Yes, you can re-license your application under a commercial license so long as you have purchased appropriate commercial PyQt licenses before you start to sell it.

Are commercial PyQt licenses tied to a named user?

No, our only concern is that you have sufficient licenses to cover the total number of developers at any time.

Is there an evaluation license?

We no longer provide evaluation versions of PyQt. The availability of the LGPL version of Qt means that it is possible to evaluate using that and the GPL version of PyQt while still being able to re-license any code written during an evaluation in a future closed source application.